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Let's get you the right content that exceeds your business needs.

Content Design / UX / Knowledge Base / Enablement / Marketing / Technical Writing

When you need
the right words, 
to get your
message across,
right way.


This is me

I've been working in the world of content for 20+ years, first as a copywriter in advertising and since then, in almost every writing type there is. 

I'm also an editor/proofreader with an excellent eye for detail, well-developed critical thinking skills, and a sense of what works well. 

Let's talk about how we can make your content enjoyable, accessible and engaging. 

Content Design   Blog Writing 
Knowledge Base 

 Marketing Writing   

Editing & proofreading

Enablement Content    Sales Tools 
Content Messaging and Positioning


What can I do for you?

Before the writing

I create messaging documents that help companies position their content, identifying the content competition, best practice and content opportunities. 

The writing

I develop content at all stages from UX/Content Design with Product Managers, to Help Center Content and Marketing materials. I can also build sales and enablement 1-pagers, battle cards, white papers, case studies and much much more. 

After the writing

I'm an excellent editor and proofreader with a sharp eye for detail.

Get in Touch

I currently work with clients only in Israel but plan on expanding soon.



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